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VCAP5-DCA: Objective 2.2


This one is exactly the same as the VCAP4-DCA objective so it is all about reviewing it all and making sure you understand what each part does and how to do it. Personally i think this is another one you just need to practice doing in your lab and watch the videos to refresh your understanding.

Configure and Maintain VLANs, PVLANs and VLAN Settings


  • Identify types of VLANs and PVLANs

Using the vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch (dvswitch) lesson from the VMware vSphere 5 Training course from Trainsignal

Skills and Abilities

  • Determine use cases for and configure VLAN Trunking VLAN trunking example and reasons of why you would do/use it

  • Determine use cases for and configure PVLANs gives a great overview of PVLANS and what each setting would be used for.

  • Use command line tools to troubleshoot and identify VLAN configurations

Covered in Objective 2.1 and will be covered better in Objective 6


Chris Wahl has done a brilliant overview of Private VLANS in his blog posting Understanding vSphere Private VLANs For Fun and Profit and also did a brilliant breakdown of the whole objective in the vBrownbag he did which i would highly recommend