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AWS Sysops Administrator – Associate

Now that I have popped my AWS certification cherry and got my AWS: SAA I am going to start preparing for the next Associate exam the AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Associate. The exam covers a lot of the same technologies and solutions that the Solutions Architect Associate exam does so if you are looking at doing this as your first then I would encourage you to have a look at the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Study Resources page as well . The resources I will be using in my preparation for this exam are:

  • As usual the best place to start is the blueprint for the exam which covers off exactly what you need to know and really maps nicely to the exam so you won’t see anything in the exam that isn’t mentioned here.
  • For the SAA exam I really enjoyed Elias Khnaser PluralSight course for the exam and so I’m looking forward to watching his covering of the sysops admin associate exam.
  • Next are the vBrownbag videos that the US vBrownbag team have hosted for the exam with some very well known names in the industry presenting. These were amazing for the SAA so I’m expecting more of the same.
  • I don’t believe you can pass the exam without some solid hours lab time so the Qwiklabs are something I am going to be using in my preparations as well as utilising my own free tier.
  • The courses are fairly infamous for the AWS exams and were amazing for my SAA prep so I will certainly be watching these for the sysops exam.
  • Alex Galbraith has taken the exam and has broken down all the resources he used for the exam. His hints and tips were really helpful in my SAA prep so I’m sure these will be as good.

Currently these are the resources I will be using for the exam. If you know of any more then please let me know and I’ll get them added to the list. Good luck if you are looking to sit the exam and certainly let me know how it goes