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January 2012 London VMware Users Group (LONVMUG) and I’m presenting

Just a very quick posting to remind anyone around the south of England or who is willing to come to the south of England for it that the next London VMware User Group (LonVMUG) and the first one of 2012 is happening on Thursday the 26th of January. Also I’ll be presenting at it, the first time I’ve ever done a session at a VMUG. Mine will be around my VCP 5 Study Resources, my exam experiences and a few surprises Smile

If you haven’t registered I would highly recommend you do so ASAP as these are more often than not fully booked a week or two before the event. You can register for the event here and hopefully I’ll get to meet you there.

After the VMUG the standard vBeers will take place. If you’ve somehow never heard of vBeers before the below is just for you Smile.


Is an informal get together of virtualisation enthusiasts and professionals to meet and discuss all things IT. It’s a great opportunity to network, learn and meet like minded people.


The following is part quoted from Simon Seagrave’s Website :

Enjoy Talking Virtualization? Come & Socialise at vBeers!

vBeers[7]Fancy meeting up every month with other IT virtualization enthusiasts to socialise and chat over a cold beer, wine or soft-drink? If so, then vBeers is for you! This is a great opportunity to meet with other virtualization enthusiasts and professionals and enjoy discussing all things virtualization, and in fact anything else that comes up in conversation…

vBeers is open to everyone so whether you are a VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer user/fan or none of the above it really doesn’t matter as “it’s all about the virtualization”.

The London vBeers meet-up is held at the Pavilion End Pub . Details and directions below:

When & Where

The London vBeers are held on the first Thursday of every month or after a VMUG meeting starting at 6pm in the ‘pavilion end pub


Location: The ‘pavilion end pub’, London

Address: 23 Watling Street Moorgate EC4M 9BR

Date: First Thursday of every month and after VMUG meetings

Time: 6:00pm




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All Things VMworld Europe Day 0

Yet again, i have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend VMworld Europe. I really enjoyed my time last year and knowing what to expect made it even more exciting for me than last year. Monday is Partner day and they definitely made sure all the partners felt welcome with free drinks, loads of top sessions and awards at the end of the day. I only arrived around 2pm so i had already missed one or two of the sessions and felt like a number of the VMworld sessions that I can watch them off the VMworld website in my own time later on and i would rather meet up with fellow vExpert’s and some of the top bloggers and talk shop. One confirmation that I am a real nerd is that I got Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman to sign my copy of the VMware vSphere 5 Clustering technical deepdive book clip_image001. Day 0 went by very quickly and I had been invited to two of the parties. The official VMUG party hosted by the Danish VMUG and the vGeekfest run by EMC. Seeing as EMC were so nice in sending me yet again and because a number of the people I really wanted to meet and chat to were going to the vGeekfest party. After getting lost trying to find the party, I finally found it at the Apollo Brewery. A very nice location and the whole ground floor was allocated to us with home brewed beers and very nice food. The main thing I really enjoyed about the evening though was meeting loads of the top bloggers and social media experts so I’m sure I’m going to miss out a few but I was fortunate enough to meet Aaron Demp,Fred Nix (@nixfred) ,Delon Karrim (@delonk) , Travers Nicholas (@travern),Simon Rahilly (@noneonemany), Scott Lowe,Bas Raayman, Simon Long ( aka the SLOG) ,Steve Chambers, Craig Stewart and Simon Seagrave to name but a few clip_image002. The VMworld TV team have already posted a video of Day 0 although due to it not being the official first day they don’t cover very much of the technology yet but more the conference centre and what they are hoping to see and here

If you are at the conference and see some nerdy Saffa walking around stop me and say hi, as I’d love to meet as many people as possible


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That’s right I’ve managed to think up a v”…” event with a South African flavour Smile Seeing as vBeers are becoming such an effective and fun way for fellow virtualisation geeks to meet up and socialise and because a good South African will find any reason to have a braai I thought a vBraai day out would be a great way for virtualisation geeks and their families to meet up and have a good day out.

So the idea of the day is to do it on a Saturday at a nice nice park where braai’s are allowed and where the kids can play happily while the vGeeks and partners socialise and obviously braai. I’ve done this posting to gauge the interest from people as we are looking at doing it on Saturday July the 2nd 2011 at Wellington Country Park . The park allows braai’s and has loads of things to keep the kids entertained and I’m sure a number of wives and partners would love to meet fellow vWidows (yep got another one in Smile ). The park is near Reading Berkshire and is just off from either junction 6 of the M3 or junction 11 of the M4. If you own a braai (weber/homemade/gas that you can safely transport) then please let me know so we have enough to make everyone’s food. Also you will need to bring an item of meat, a salad if that’s your thing and some drinks.

For those out there that don’t know what a braai entails then read the wikipedia definition here

So if you are interested in coming, post a comment below or drop me a message on twitter @greggrobertson5 and let me know if you like the venue and are interested in coming along. Also SPREAD THE WORD.



Vote For Me and rock the vote

Due to my being away last week I’m already a week behind my “Campaigning”. If you read any of the top VMware related blogs I’m sure you’ll know that Eric Siebert is running his Top 25 Virtualization Blogs.


Since I only started this blog in earnest in February I am obviously one of the new kids on the scene but as I’ve stated in my last blog postings my viewership and community visibility has grown an impressive amount(I believe impressive). So if any of my blog posting have helped you fix a problem,linked you to the top blog postings on the week/fortnight or you feel I deserve a vote if i have helped you via twitter or the VMware communities please cast a vote for my blog.I don’t believe I’m anywhere near the top but at least if it gets me in the top 50 or even 75 I’ll be happy.

If anything at least cast a vote for the blogs you do enjoy even if it isn’t my blog as getting onto Eric’s list is a very high honour for a VMware related blogger and there are some amazing blogs out there that deserve your votes.


*Update* Hmm it seems you can only select the blogs that Eric feels are worthy of the votes and therefore kills any newcomers like myself actually getting a vote or even being on the list. Personally I think a bit where you could insert a blog which Eric could then approve is legit would have been a fair and obvious option but it seems not so.