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That’s right just like I did for the VCP5 ,and the VCAP5’s I have decided I may as well start to list all the resources I plan to be using for the VCP6 now that it has been released. To be honest I’m hoping I can clear the VCDX5 in October and then just have to do the VCIX-DCV to upgrade but from past experience those take quite a while after the VCP6 is released.

So far that is all the resources that have caught my eye for resources to prepare for the VCP 6. I will continually update this list as I come across more and if you know of any others that I should add then please do let me know.


15 thoughts on “VCP6-DCV

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  2. Hi Gregg, it’s a amazing study guide!!! thanks for sharing
    do you have some exercises, for VCP Foundation exam?

  3. Hi Gregg, This series very very good. Thank you very much this sharing.

  4. thank you very much for consolidating all the study options! All the best

  5. Excellent Write up. I found it on twitter a follow is coming your way!

  6. Thanks a million for that excellent study guide Gregg. I’m planning to go for the VCP6 exam very soon.

  7. Thanks mate, with VMware removing the Blueprints for VCP6-DCV this pages is a godsend!

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  9. HI,
    do you have PDF book ?


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