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Seeing as I’m looking to attempt to obtain the VCDX5-DCV for vSphere 5 I thought it would only make sense to create a page of all the tips and resources I find in preparing,creating and submitting my design and what to expect and do prior to my defence. Very much like my VCAP resources pages I’m hoping to get as many resources and helpful tips and tricks to not only help me be fully prepared for it all but also hopefully help loads of the other people out there looking to obtain this illustrious accreditation.



11 thoughts on “VCDX5-DCV

  1. Hello there,
    Regarding the VCDX mock defence session, would you know what was the session ID? In case it is made available elsewhere…

  2. Really can’t wait for the VCDX 5 exam. I wonder what will VMware change in the exam. Do you know any rumors?

    • I don’t to be honest. From what has been said it sounds like they may allow people already with VCAP4-DCA and DCD to upgrade both by just doing the VCAP5-DCD but that hasn’t been confirmed. Last VCDX4 defence is Toronto but the beta exam for the VCAP5’s haven’t even started yet so it could be a long wait

  3. Thanks for the plug Gregg. Twelve months is more than enough time to prepare, six months is possible if one is already doing designs, whiteboarding and architecture as part of one’s job, maybe even less.

  4. Great blog Gregg, best of luck with your VCDX 5 preparation and future defense.

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