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VCAP5-DCA: Objective 2.1

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This objective has barely changed from the VCAP4-DCA objective. LLDP is new to vSphere 5 as is NetFlow configurations. For this one I’ve spent time practicing in my lab and will be one I’ll also be covering when i rebuild my lab and do the troubleshooting objective (Objective 6)


· Identify common virtual switch configurations

Skills and Abilities

  • Configure SNMP vicfg-snmp method via ESXCli A video by Eric Sloof of how to do it via the vMA which I feel is a much easier method. Just remember to to the –E to enable it which Eric doesn’t show in his video

  • Determine use cases for and applying VMware DirectPath I/O

Covered in objective 1.1

  • Migrate a vSS network to a Hybrid or Full vDS solution

This is all about lab practice firstly

Used the vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch (dvswitch) lesson from the VMware vSphere 5 Training course from Trainsignal

  • Configure vSS and vDS settings using command line tools

This is another that can only be learnt in your lab – all the commands you should know for both standard and distributed virtual switching

  • Analyze command line output to identify vSS and vDS configuration details

This is another where lab practice is the best way of learning it.

The above link in the previous bullet point covers all the things you should know how to do. Personally I’m using it to build, change and troubleshoot my networking in the lab as I have experience in the GUI methods already

  • Configure NetFlow

  • Determine appropriate discovery protocol


LLDP this covers both and what each provides

CDP overview in the vSphere Network Troubleshooting How-To lesson in trainsignals

Jason Boche has done two posting covering each of the discovery protocols

As I’ve said for Objectives 1.1 and 1.2, the above links are ones I’ve been using in my preparations for the beta exam, for some of the sections I’ve not put any links in as Sean Cookston’s,Ed Grigson’s and Kendrick Coleman’s Blueprint Breaksdowns for the VCAP4 covered them perfectly. This is more about covering the new things i need to learn after having done the VCAP4-DCA exam (twice to be exact)


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