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Now that the VCP-NV is available to schedule and there are also VCDX-NV holders I thought it made sense to start a page about study resources as I am looking to do the exam in the nearish future (most likely post VCDX-DCV defence #2). Below are the resources I plan to use and also links to the vBrownbag recordings of each objective that we started in September.

  • First of all like all other VMware exams the blueprint is what you need to download and go through as every single thing in the exam will be covered in the blueprint. You can download it here:
  • As mentioned above the EMEA #vBrownbag have started going through all the VCP-NV objectives. Below are the recordings so far:
  • Richard Dowling has begun breaking down the exam objectives on his blog and is doing an amazing job so far. You can see his progress on his blog here.
  • Rene van den Bedem has done an insane list of NSX resources on his blog here.
  • A number of people have sat the exam and wrote about their experiences, one of these people is Sam McGeown one of my Xtravirt colleagues who sat the exam at VMworld Europe. You can read about his experience here.
  • The NSX 6.1 online documentation is a brilliant resource to read through and understand all the different mechanisms and features available.
  • Paul McSharry has created loads of practice tests for the exam and from people who I know who have done the exam they are supposedly brilliant preparation so i will be using these also.
  • Paul has also created a page filled with great VCP-NV resources here.
  • The NSX code is still only available to certain partners and via VMware.But there is a hands on lab for NSX that you can follow along with as well as starting the lab and then just playing around I mean learning in the allocated time.  The lab is called HOL-SDC-1303
  • Giuliano Bertello has started an NSX for Newbies series which is brilliant for people looking to learn all the basics for the VCP-NV.
  • Just like with all technologies I believe one of the best ways to learn is to do it in your own lab. Once the software is released or if you work for a partner selling it like I do then you can practice creating all the components in your personal lab with NFR licenses.


5 thoughts on “VCP-NV

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  2. Hi Gregg,

    Good stuff! I’ll make sure I spread the word 🙂

    I’m also covering an NSX step-by-step guide, in particular running 100% nested at

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