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EMEA #vBrownbag

vBrownBagLogo-150x150That’s right, after having spoken to the infamous APAC and US vBrownbag teams at VMworld and via the VMware vExpert communities Michael Poore and I have thrown our hats into the ring and have asked to borrow the guys vBrownbag’s and show the world that the EMEA VMware guru’s are the some of the best in the world.

We need all the VMware talent in EMEA to put their hands up and come present and for everyone to join the calls/webinars and contribute. We are looking to possibly follow two different tracks so as to not repeat what the APAC and US guys have done and so will be looking for people to present on objectives in the VCP5-IaaS and VCP5-DT exam blueprints. You can do any of the objectives so if you want to do the last objective for the IaaS then first come first served/booked.

We are doing it every fortnight on a Tuesday although if there is a very good amount of interest which I trust there will be then we can make it a weekly occurrence. We are currently running them at 7PM GMT to allow everyone in Europe the time to get home.Please spread the word and lets show the VMware community the talent EMEA has to offer. You can register here for the webinars

We have created a Google form for people to start putting in their interest and what they want to talk about here.

Gregg and Michael

3 thoughts on “EMEA #vBrownbag

  1. Gregg, Here’s Shady -I hope you remember our little conversation on my VCAP experience post :).
    Just discovered you’re presenting vBrownbag Podcast, so it’s a must to say “Good Job and do more and more :)))”
    vBrownag Podcast is really helping me with my VCAP-DCD.. but unfortunately it’s APAC Podcast not EMEA region..I’dd appreciate if there’s any podcast about VMware designing :))))

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