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VCAP5-DCA Objective 1.2

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Objective 1.2 is almost exactly the same as the VCAP4 blueprint’s and a large portion of the things in here are covered better in the troubleshooting sections in my opinion but for the few things that are different that I made sure I covered, I have listed below. As with Objective 1.1,the below links are ones I’ve been using in my preparations for the beta exam, for some of the sections I’ve not put any links in as Sean Cookston’s,Ed Grigson’s and Kendrick Coleman’s Blueprint Breaksdowns for the VCAP4 covered them perfectly.


  • Identify storage provisioning methods
  • Identify available storage monitoring tools, metrics and alarms

Skills and Abilities

  • Apply space utilization data to manage storage resources
  • Provision and manage storage resources according to Virtual Machine requirements
  • Understand interactions between virtual storage provisioning and physical storage provisioning pg 11,30

  • Apply VMware storage best practices pg 30

  • Configure Datastore Alarms

  • Analyze Datastore Alarms and errors to determine space availability
  • Configure Datastore Clusters

Storage DRS lesson from VMware vSphere 5 Training course from Trainsignal

A nice and quick section thankfully, some of the links I used are still related to vSphere 4 but are nice refresher reads Smile


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