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VMware View 4 Client for iPad finally released

Just a very quick posting seeing as other bloggers have done such good jobs of covering it I would be rehashing what they have already done.

That’s right, for all of us who watched with awe and wonder at the VMware View for iPad Demo’s at the two VMworld conferences then sat six months later wondering where it was, it has finally been released. Eric “the Scoop” Sloof was the first person I noticed to have blogged about it and as per usual has done such a great job covering it I would recommend reading his posting VMware View Client For iPad – The Best Of Both Worlds as he has covered it all with having already had a chance to use it unlike me and has posted some great videos showing loads of the features and capabilities.

You can download the VMware View 4 client for iPad now via the Apple app store here or obviously via your iPad’s App store.  There is also a document already uploaded by Tedd Fox from VMware on how to use the VMware View for iPad app

Edwin Friesen has done a great write up on the client also and have given some great tips on how to use the client here

Hopefully I’ll have some time to have a play around with it myself and will post my opinions in my next All Things Virtual.


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VMware View 4.5 client hangs on connecting

Just a very quick posting on a problem I experienced late last year and have been meaning to post a blog posting on it to hopefully save someone the time i spent trying to work it out.

Late last year I had been battling to connect to our test VMware View 4.5 environment and couldn’t work out the reasons why. Each time I tried to connect to the environment the client would just sit on the connecting phase of the login whereas for my colleagues they could connect perfectly fine.After over a week of speaking with the networking guys and trying loads ideas I decided to do what I should have done in the first place and Google search the problem. Google found me a posting on the VMware communities and the solution right at the bottom of the first page was on the money as I had recently installed Internet Explorer 9 beta and doing the compatibility “fix” did the trick and got it all working again. So if you’ve installed IE9 beta and now your VMware View client just hangs on connecting you know why and how to fix it now

I haven’t tested with VMware View 4.6 so I’m not sure if this will/still apply to it.