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That’s right I’ve managed to think up a v”…” event with a South African flavour Smile Seeing as vBeers are becoming such an effective and fun way for fellow virtualisation geeks to meet up and socialise and because a good South African will find any reason to have a braai I thought a vBraai day out would be a great way for virtualisation geeks and their families to meet up and have a good day out.

So the idea of the day is to do it on a Saturday at a nice nice park where braai’s are allowed and where the kids can play happily while the vGeeks and partners socialise and obviously braai. I’ve done this posting to gauge the interest from people as we are looking at doing it on Saturday July the 2nd 2011 at Wellington Country Park . The park allows braai’s and has loads of things to keep the kids entertained and I’m sure a number of wives and partners would love to meet fellow vWidows (yep got another one in Smile ). The park is near Reading Berkshire and is just off from either junction 6 of the M3 or junction 11 of the M4. If you own a braai (weber/homemade/gas that you can safely transport) then please let me know so we have enough to make everyone’s food. Also you will need to bring an item of meat, a salad if that’s your thing and some drinks.

For those out there that don’t know what a braai entails then read the wikipedia definition here

So if you are interested in coming, post a comment below or drop me a message on twitter @greggrobertson5 and let me know if you like the venue and are interested in coming along. Also SPREAD THE WORD.


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  1. Oh the question has already gone out to the wife about this, we also have a gas bbq that we can bring over. Would be nice for the wife and son to have a day out with some decent company.

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