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Vote For Me and rock the vote


Due to my being away last week I’m already a week behind my “Campaigning”. If you read any of the top VMware related blogs I’m sure you’ll know that Eric Siebert is running his Top 25 Virtualization Blogs.


Since I only started this blog in earnest in February I am obviously one of the new kids on the scene but as I’ve stated in my last blog postings my viewership and community visibility has grown an impressive amount(I believe impressive). So if any of my blog posting have helped you fix a problem,linked you to the top blog postings on the week/fortnight or you feel I deserve a vote if i have helped you via twitter or the VMware communities please cast a vote for my blog.I don’t believe I’m anywhere near the top but at least if it gets me in the top 50 or even 75 I’ll be happy.

If anything at least cast a vote for the blogs you do enjoy even if it isn’t my blog as getting onto Eric’s list is a very high honour for a VMware related blogger and there are some amazing blogs out there that deserve your votes.


*Update* Hmm it seems you can only select the blogs that Eric feels are worthy of the votes and therefore kills any newcomers like myself actually getting a vote or even being on the list. Personally I think a bit where you could insert a blog which Eric could then approve is legit would have been a fair and obvious option but it seems not so.

2 thoughts on “Vote For Me and rock the vote

  1. I’m certain you will be included in the next contest. Keep up the good work and stay confident.

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