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vCenter 5.1 SSO default domain clashes if domain is added to username for CommVault Auto-Discovery

Today on a customer site after having done an upgrade of their vCenter to vCenter 5.1  the customer started experiencing problems with their CommVault Simpana 9 backup proxies talking to the vCenter server to see the hosts and datastores contained in the environment and when they ran an auto-discovery on the environment it came back blank. I searched the VMware forums, the VMware documentation and the internet and the customer searched maintenance advantage but we couldn’t find a solution to the problem.


We tested logging into the vCenter server as the service account and noticed a very strange error occur when we ticked the use windows session credentials box. The error we received was incorrect username or password yet the service account had the correct permissions. We realised by unticking the use windows session credentials box and typing in the username and password for the service account and thereby not having the domain before the username this allowed the account to log into vCenter without any problems. So we changed the CommVault service account credentials on the CommVault backup server to not have the domain in the username ( from domain\serviceaccount to just serviceaccount ) the CommVault server was able to to do the discovery of the upgraded vCenter’s hosts and datastores and do the backups again Open-mouthed smile


I can’t prove at the moment that the the error is due to the default domain already being set in SSO and so there is a clash when you specify I do suspect this is related to it.


Hopefully this helps someone the time and effort we spent on trying to fix the problem.