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VCP5 Study Resources Page


Just a very quick posting that I have finally created my VCP5 Study Resources Page with all the resources I’m planning to use in preparation for my VCP5 exam. As mentioned on the page I decided to create the page as it seems the VCAP5 exams aren’t going to be out before the grace period for people with the VCP4 accreditation not needing to take the What’s New course expires. So like with my VCAP4 and VCAP5 pages I’m planning on listing all the resources I plan to use and the great study resources I come across that may help other people of varying degrees of expertise prepare for the exam

Good luck to anyone preparing for any of the VMware exams soon, good luck! Also tell me how you’ve done or if you think I have missed an amazing resource by either leaving a comment or sending me a tweet on @greggrobertson5 on twitter


7 thoughts on “VCP5 Study Resources Page

  1. did you booked your exam already then ? 😉

  2. good luck then.

    mine is booked for 12th of Dec

  3. Gregg: do you have a copy of the PPT you showed on yesterdays brown bag?

  4. Sure, I’ll try add a link to my VCP 5 page of the presentation although everything and more is on my VCP 5 page.

  5. Slight change to the date (rescheduled for 5th od Dec – Today) = VCP510 passed.

    Best of luck greg.

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