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VCAP5-DCA & DCD Resources Page

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A very quick posting to alert people that I have now started building up a VCAP5-DCA and DCD Resources page for the impending release of the VCAP5 certifications. At the moment it is fairly short due to the exams not even having reached beta but I’ve got to start somewhere and for those of us out there who will be hoping to be invited to the beta exams these resources will probably be our best preparation Smile 

As said on the page ,if you know of any other resources out there please do leave a comment or drop me a tweet on twitter on @greggrobertson5 as this is really all about helping everyone find the best resources for the exams.


One thought on “VCAP5-DCA & DCD Resources Page

  1. Please also visit the Linkedin VCAP-DCD page for getting the uptodate communication the Exam and the certification page for the updated blueprints

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