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VMKernel error

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Just a very quick posting of the two VMKernel problems I noticed in my VMware environment this morning and the very simple fix i found for it.

The errors I was receiving was ScsiCore: 1119: Invalid sense buffer: error=0x72, valid=0x0, segment=0xb, key=0x0” , “SCSILinuxAbortCommands Failed, Driver ata_piix, for vmhba3”

I noticed these problems was happening when one of my vm’s became unresponsive for a few seconds also. So I checked the settings of the vm and noticed that the vm had the CD/DVD Drive setting set to a hosts device location. Once I changed this back to Client Device the problems stopped appearing and the vm hasn’t become unresponsive again 🙂

As I said a very simple fix but thought I’d put it out there just in case someone isn’t as lucky as I was in noticing the errors came at the same time as a certain vm became unresponsive.


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