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vBeers.Org website launched


As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog the Virtualisation fraternity have a monthly meet up on the first Thursday of every month and after a VMUG to have a vBeers meet up. Simon Long and Simon Seagrave have now created a website dedicated to this event and to allow fellow virtualisation geeks to meet up and talk to people who won’t fall asleep once you start talking about vCloud’s and your migrations from ESX to ESXi to name just two Smile They have also created a twitter account @vBeers_org that people can follow so that they can stay up to date with announcements posted on the website. If all goes to plan I’ll be attending the next London vBeers due to happen this Thursday

If you’ve never heard of vBeers before here is the “official” definition of vBeers:

Hope to meet loads of you there and spread the word and lets get as many people there on Thursday as possible


Gregg Robertson