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vCAC System Exception Error

A colleague of mine at Xtravirt, Richard Renardson was experiencing an ambiguous “System Exception” error on the requests page in the vCAC 6.0.1 portal at a very high profile customer. Upon checking the server side log it was showing an error stating that “cat_request”  does not exist. We tried a few things and looked through quite a few VMware KB articles but were unable to find anything that matched our problem.

After some troubleshooting we were able to determine what the problem was and a fix so he graciously allowed me to blog it to hopefully save someone else the time especially with vCAC becoming so popular recently. The problem seems to happen when an external database has been configured and the hstore extension is missing/has not been created and this extension is required by vCAC for the creation of tables. What we had to do in the end is to create the hstore extension in the vCAC database. The steps we followed to create the hstore extension was to :

  1. Log in to the external DB using the pgAdmin tool.
  2. Within the pgAdmin console we had to run this SQL statement to connect to the vCAC DB:
    1. \connect "YOURDBNAME";
  3. Within the pgAdmin tool we needed to create the hstore extension by running the following statement:
    1. create extension hstore;
  4. Now you just need to restart the vCAC Appliance.
  5. After a bit of a wait for it to restart fully the problem was fixed Smile

Hopefully this saves someone the time we spent on the problem