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SolarWinds – 4 Skills to Master Your Virtual Universe eBook

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Solarwinds’ 4 Skills to Master Your Virtual Universe is an interesting new take on virtualization for someone who is new to virtualization.It’s a new eBook authored by SolarWinds Head Geek of Virtualization & Cloud Practice, Kong Yang. Instead of covering the same material that hypervisor vendors like VMware and Microsoft document for each new release or other virtualization influencers blog about, this eBook details four skills that every virtualization admin needs to develop in order to be successful in their IT career.

The book is like a career skills guide for fellow virtualization pros. It starts with a basic introduction to virtualization. Then, it goes into details about the four skills – discovery, alerting, remediation, and troubleshooting– that any virtualization admin must learn and hone to build and advance their IT career. Discovery is visibility, monitoring, and resource management. Alerting is identifying what matters and cutting through the data noise to surface important system info fast. Remediation is all about fixing things fast. And troubleshooting is finding the root-cause of an issue.

The theme of this virtualization skills book is quite clear – don’t label virtualization admins as a dummy or late to the game.Simply start with DART skills and go from there. At the end, there’s even a nod to SOAR-ingin virtualization as well.

Here’s the link to the virtualization basics blog post, which includes more info on each skill as well as info on downloading the eBook.

Also dont forget to collect your free espresso and Solarwinds swag if you are at VMworld US this week.









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