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Four Ways Implementing a BC/DR Solution Can Help Your Small/Midsized Business

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About six months ago I was approached by VMware SMB asking if i would be interested in writing a blog posting about how implementing a business continuity and disaster recover solution could help small and midsized businesses from my experiences as a senior consultant for Xtravirt. I wrote up the posting and the SMB team liked it so much they asked me if I would do a four part blog posting from the original blog posting and so I created a four part posting and the final part of the series was published yesterday. So below are links to the four blog postings and I hope  they are informative and beneficial to people. If you are unsure about any of the portions mentioned or want to know more, you can ask VMware Professional Services or Xtravirt who are a VMware partner, to come in and help you with the design/configuration of your environment.


Part4:  Virtual Machine Migration


I have also written a whitepaper for VMware SMB around the need for SMBs to rethink their virtualization infrastructure and to elaborate on a number of the features and solutions that are now available to SMB customers. Download the whitepaper to learn how these solutions can help your business and your customers.



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