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Blog Sponsor – VMTurbo

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I am pleased to announce the first sponsor of my blog: VMturbo. VMTurbo have been growing their solution year on year and won the  “Best of VMworld 2014” Award – Virtualization Management and with their soon to be released VMTurbo 5.0 they are  a major player in the virtualization management arena.

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For those interested in learning more you can try VMTurbo Operations Manager for free!

5 Reasons to Try Soon

  1. 40%+ Utilization Increase. VMTurbo safely drives an average 40% workload:core density increase, freeing up valuable hardware and reducing software licensing costs. Customers re-purpose their existing hardware for HA, DR, VDI deployments, Test/Dev labs, and organic growth.
  2. 90-Day ROI. On average, VMTurbo customers recoup their VMTurbo investment within 90 days.
  3. VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.0 is arriving in November. You’ll be upgraded for free.
  4. Avoid 2015 price hikes.
  5. Future-proof your organization. VMware CTO, Chris Wolf, said true automation is a necessity in tomorrow’s data centers. He also said VMTurbo is a vendor providing true automation today.

I am looking forward to trying out VMTurbo 5.0 in my lab and will be looking to review the solution also and give my honest opinion of it.


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