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VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Beta Impressions

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Almost two months ago I was selected as one of the very fortunate few VMware vExperts to participate in the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service beta. If you’ve not heard of vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) or not entirely sure what it is, then I’d recommend watching these videos before reading on:

“An Introduction to VMware vCloud Hybrid Service”

“A Look Inside vCloud Hybrid Service”

We were all provided a portion (or slice?) of a virtual datacenter in a multi-tenant cloud. As a bonus I got to share mine with two VCDX’s Chris McCain and Matt Vandenbeld. clip_image001 It’s always super exciting for a nerd like me to be able to do some of the cutting edge stuff with some of the top names in the industry.


The custom portal for vCHS looks extremely sleek and very intuitive for anyone using it for the first time or who may not have even used the vCloud GUI extensively. The front page presents you with a good overview of all your resources bundled into a Resource Snapshot section. You can easily review how much of your total resource is utilized and if you have more than one virtual datacenter you’ll observe the same utilization report per instance.


The virtual datacenter that I shared among three other people was number 25-202. If you click on the virtual datacenter in the Virtual Datacenters section above then it will take you through to your virtual datacenter page where you can check on your Usage & Allocation, Virtual Machines, Gateways, Networks and the Users who have access to this Virtual Datacenter.

Usage & Allocation


Virtual Machines






I created a number of virtual machines for a test I am planning to blog about around using vCenter Configuration Manager in vCHS. One of these virtual machines is an MS SQL server which you can see below. You can access your virtual machines from either the virtual machines tab at the top of the page or via the Virtual Datacenter tab shown previously. If you are a user with permissions to access the vCHS vCloud Director portal (VPC Administrator) you’re able to manage VMs that you have permissions to using vCloud Director by simply clicking Manage VM in vCloud Director (shown below).


Personally I prefer working in the vCloud Director portal as this is something I’m very familiar with but the vCHS portal is more than adequate to undertake administration, it’s not too dissimilar to the standard vCloud one with an organization administrator view.


The flagship feature of the vCHS hybrid cloud connectivity is the ability to migrate workloads using VMware’s vCloud Connector using the new Data Center Extension in vCC 2.5 between your private vCloud instance and vCHS. I’m still testing this functionality but what I’ve seen so far the stretch deploy feature is looking like an amazing use case for people looking to migrate high workload resources to vCHS Chris Colotti covered a real world case and how he utilised stretch deploy here and here.

My initial impression of this service is really good and I’m looking forward to getting even more stuck in with real world customers and requirements. I’ll hopefully have my VCM blog posting out very soon although with all the goodness coming out of VMworld US it’s going to be hard. clip_image009


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