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VMware HealthAnalyzer gets stuck at a certain percentage

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A very quick posting to hopefully save someone the hours i spent last night waiting for a VMware HealthAnalyzer dataset creation to complete. My problem came about when the dataset creation got to a certain point and then slowed down dramatically and then stopped at 74% (I’m sure the point it stopped for someone else will be different) and after running it through the night it was still stuck at 74%. I asked on twitter if anyone had experienced the same problem and @repping responded stating to up the java memory. The place to do this is very easy to find as it is under the admin area at the top right of the VMware HealthAnalyzer panel



Then click Config Settings



Then change the Memory Settings from their standard size



To a size that will allow you to collect the large amount of data the HealthAnalyzer is trying to collect



I did up mine substantially but it also meant instead of waiting an hour for the dataset creation it finished in eight minutes Open-mouthed smile


A simple fix but one that I couldn’t see documented anywhere



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