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vSphere 5.1 Announced with Enhanced vSphere Web Client

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Another of the new features of vSphere 5.1 is the Enhanced vSphere Web Client. The web Client was already part of vSphere 5 but now it is the Primary client for administrators in vSphere 5.1. Some facts

Enhanced vSphere Web Client:

The NEW virtual infrastructure client

  • Primary client for vSphere administrators in vSphere 5.1
  • Matched functionality to legacy vSphere Client
  • Additional vCenter 5.1 functionality, only available through the vSphere Web Client

Browser based

  • Internet Explorer / FireFox / Chrome fully supported (Rumours are Chrome is the fastest)
  • others (Safari, etc.) are possible (But without VM console access)

vSphere Web Client – Installation

Installer located on ISO image

Install on vCenter Server or separate server (recommended)

Login using

  • https://<FQDN or IP Address>:9443/vsphere-client/
  • Install Client Integration Plugin for console access


  • vSphere Web Client included with vCenter Server Appliance

vSphere Web Client – Object Navigator

Breaks the traditional hierarchy view of an object

  • Objects linked and displayed by relationships


Conventional top level hierarchy view maintained on HOME screen and links to object navigator

  • Allows an admin to view objects by solutions
  • But maintains global perspectives


  • Allows an admin to jump to the crucial element faster via object relationships and object search
  • Reduces client clutter and repetitive information by simplifying display of objects
  • Displayed objects are all that is communicated between server and browser


vSphere Web Client Interface

The new interface has the look and feel of vCloud Director but with loads of new features and goes to the same layout that vCenter Operations Manager for example has already.


vSphere Web Client – Plugin’s

Plugins are now server based

•Recreated in FLEX

•HTML Plugins (temporary work around)

VMware Plugins (90 Days post GA)

•vSphere Update Manager (VUM)

•vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

•vShield Manager

All VMware Solutions will integrate as they get updated

Third Party Plugins

•EMC, NetApp, HP, Dell etc

Centralised Log Browser

Proven framework to provide rich troubleshooting tools

vSphere Web Client plugin

Takes snapshot of specified host / vCenter logs

Provides rich user interface to review log data

  • search
  • filter by name / event / keyword
  • compare multiple logs
  • highlight key words


Simplifies Troubleshooting

The new vSphere Web Client looks to be a great replacement for the viclient and with SRM and other tools tipped to integrate it should provide every vSphere administrator an easier way to manage and administer their environments and give them all the stats and tools needed.

There are going to be a whole bunch of web based tutorial’s for people to learn how to use the new vSphere Web Client on

I’m really looking forward to learning how it all works and being able to integrate all the new and existing plugins into it.


Note: Screenshots thanks to VMware.

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