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VMworld Sessions Public Voting Now Open

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Just a very quick posting to alert anyone that hasn’t noticed that the public voting for VMworld 2011 sessions is now open. Unfortunately I personally couldn’t get a good enough idea down to submit a session myself like I had hoped I would but from the amount of talk of it on twitter already today it looks like loads of the top people in the industry have submitted quite a few and they have all been approved to go through to the public voting phase.

To be able to vote you will need to have a VMworld account, which you should have already since I’m sure you’ll have all been watching all the previous VMworld session videos to hone your skills and knowledge. There are a substantial amount of sessions to select from once you have logged into the session selection page so I would recommend using the search options and selecting the kinds of sessions you would like to see to try save you time



Good luck to all those who have got their sessions approved and hopefully all the sessions I’ve voted for will get through.


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