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vExpert 2011 applications now open

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A very quick posting to alert people who may not have seen it announced on twitter by John Troyer that the 2011 vExpert nominations and applications are now open. The vExpert 2011 is based on the amount you gave back to the VMware community in 2010. So if you have done really well this year but didn’t do much last year then you will only be able to add that to next year’s application obviously.

The vExpert, for anyone that doesn’t know it is “a way for VMware to acknowledge and help those who ‘go the extra mile’ and give back to the VMware user community by sharing their expertise and time. vExperts are bloggers, book authors, VMUG leaders, event organizers, speakers, tool builders, forum leaders, and others who share their virtualization expertise.”  Unlike last year VMware now want everyone to put in an application for themselves so that VMware can get a good idea of your participation in the community and the things you have contributed to it in 2010. There is also the nomination forms like normal where you nominate people who you feel deserve to be a vExpert.

So go apply if you feel you deserve to be in contention to be a vExpert and good luck to everyone applying.


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