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VMware vSphere client for iPad app released

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The VMware vSphere client for iPad app has now been released. The first person I noticed to mention it on twitter and with an extremely in-depth blog posting covering it all was Jason Boche  (@jasonboche) in his Free VMware vSphere Client for iPad Available, even beating Scott Herrod VMware’s CTO to the punch(on the twitter announcement at least).

Jason has done such a great job covering it as has Eric Sloof in his VMware vSphere Client for iPad – Control your datacenter from the couch posting that I won’t even bother trying to cover all the features and rather just tell you to read through their blog posting like I have and will repeatedly today Smile

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store although a number of people are stating it doesn’t show up but John Troyer (@jtroyer) has alerted people to the fact that the “ vSphere Client for iPad can take a few hours to show up in search, but here’s the direct link: “. I’ve already downloaded mine and hope to be doing all my vCentre work via it today so I can used to how it all works.

Have fun playing


*Update* You will need to download the vCMA to be able to use the iPad app to access your vCentre. It can be downloaded from here and the guys from have done a great posting on how to set it all up here

One thought on “VMware vSphere client for iPad app released

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