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Happy Birthday



Amazingly it is now exactly a year since I first created this blog and posted my first posting London VMware User Group. Since this posting I am very pleased to say my blog has gained a very pleasing amount of views (13307 to be exact), been linked to and referenced on some of the top bloggers postings and their blogroll’s and had postings from it featured on the VMware Buzz page for both VMworld US and Europe(top blog below,under “VMworld 2010 Blog Coverage”.)


I started this blog as a personal goal to try better my skills in VMware and Microsoft technologies and try give back to the community from which I have learnt and gained so much. I’m pleased to say that I think I have accomplished that as looking at my postings a year ago to ones I have done recently I think my blog writing and technical skills are much much better,I’ve become a VCP4 and VTSP 4 and strengthened my knowledge on almost all the VMware technologies and practices.

Most pleasing to me is that two of my top 3 most read postings are my VCP4 Study Resources Part 1 and Part 2 which is very gratifying to know that I’ve possibly helped people better prepare for their VCP4 exam. Also my VCAP DCA & DCD Study Resources page is already receiving a growing number of views and been linked to in one of the VCAP-DCA brownbag’s (vFail BrownBag Follow-Up) as a resource to use/look at in your preparations for the VCAP exams and so is on it’s way to being another most read posting. Hopefully next year this time I will be looking back at the over 13 thousand views to my blog as a small number compared to the amount I will have received and have made the Top 25 Virtualisation Blogs and become a vExpert too if John and the community feel I/my blog are worthy Smile .

A big thanks to all the people who have re-tweeted links to my blog postings,linked to my blog in their own blogs and for everyone who has left a comment saying how much a posting has helped them. For anyone thinking of starting their own blog I would highly recommend it but  first read Scott Lowe’s Blogging for the Right Reasons and know it is a labour of love and something you should do for the right reasons.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Gregg!

    Congrats on the 1yr milestone. Keep it up!

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