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Windows Server 2008 drive doesn’t expand correctly after extending in VMware VI client



I thought I’d stick up a quick posting about this seeing as today it’s the second time the problem has come about and this time i made sure i did it really carefully just to make sure it wasn’t my fat fingers the first time.

A user requested me to extend one of their windows server 2008 vm’s c drives by 20gb. Standard practice is to make sure there are no snapshots attached (was reminded to make sure of this painfully recently),edit the settings of the vm and increase the size/value of the drive you wish to be increased,log into the vm,go to storage>disk management and rescan the disks. the new space should now show up and then you just right click on the drive to be extended and select extend and increase the space. But after extending it a error came up saying “invalid parameters”, after which the disk showed as the new size at the bottom of the disk management panel but in windows explorer and the top part of the disk management pane it still showed the original size.

What i had to do was shrink the drive i wanted to increase by the free space still left on the drive(this value will be automatically shown in the shrink drive wizard), rescan the disks by which it shows the drive shrunk by the free space and the free space of the shrunk drive added to the space you added earlier. Now you just extend it again like normal and it all works as it should.

If you want to know how to extend your drive via Windows Server 2003 Jonathon Medd has detailed it in a blog posting along with the steps I did above.

Gregg Robertson



2 thoughts on “Windows Server 2008 drive doesn’t expand correctly after extending in VMware VI client

  1. I can verify that this worked for Xenserver as well.

  2. Thanks exactly what happened to our VM Windows 2008 File server and solved it for us too.

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