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For anyone who works in the virtualisation field like i do and read any of the top blogs and/or follow any of the top people in virtualisation you would know that Holland has a large presence in the top people in the industry and even more crazy is the number who are VCP’s. Last week Friday was the 5th annual Dutch VMUG and true to form over 600 people attended it. Due to this a great number of resources and videos from the event have been posted on the internet in the past days which have been extremely interesting and taught me loads of  cool new things.

Duncan Epping(@duncanyb) of yellow bricks posted a great blog posting all about the VMUG with loads of links to the videos and resources that were mentioned at the event. I hope the UK VMUG’s can get to this size as having that many people interested and coming up with new ideas can only make the industry better and also bring out some brilliant ideas and tools to make the daily job of a VMware administrator easier.

Eric Sloof(@esloof) posted a very interesting and informative video from the VMUG of Scott Herold’s(@vmguru) talk all about Vizioncore’s  vRanger PowerPack. A very cool tool i must say!!! Something I have added to my list of things I need to learn to use and have a play around with. He has also posted a very interesting video of him being interviewed by Scott.

Luc Dekens(@lucd22) posted two great posts from his session at the Dutch VMUG. One showing the scripts he talked about and the other an amazing one with all the demos he showed on PowerCLI’s Web Service Access cmdlets and how to set a breakpoint and investigate the properties of SDK objects to name two  . Luc always works out and shows amazing scripts and is constantly putting up new ones on his blog and via twitter. I would highly recommend following his blog if you want to start learning all about using powershell scripts to make your daily job easier and how to find things you never even imagined you could with powercli and scripting. I have added his blog to my blog roll so have a look!!

Scott Vessey posted all about the new vsphere troubleshooting course now being certified as being valid for the vSphere training requirement for the VCP4 certification this week. Personally I’m thinking of getting myself on the course at some point in the new year as it’s curriculum looks really good and I think it will help me in my job(which is obviously the main idea of training =0)  )!! Scott also has posted some brilliant blog postings all about the vcp courses plus great resources in preparing yourself for the exams. His blog is also on my blogroll and one I would highly recommend.

Talking of the VCP4 certification I was very pleased to see said on twitter and clarified on Eric Sloofs blog that the VCP4 Welcome Kits are being shipped. It’s sad, but I really like seeing the certificate when i have got a certification and even more I can’t wait for my personal  workstation 7 licence key.

I was alerted to a very interesting blog posting this week of a video  with Chris Murphy, EMC’s Director of International IT Operations discussing VDI and how he feels it will enable EMC’s desktops of the future. The video is a very good case study,a good example of a large organisation eating their own dog food, how they are using and plan to use VDI tools to achieve their VDI goals

Lastly is a very aptly timed blog by Eric Siebert(@ericsiebert) all about Christmas gift ideas for VMware administrators. I hadn’t heard about the Optimus Maximus Keyboard before, but now I can’t get the thought of all the things I could do with it out of my head.

Gregg Robertson



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