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Upgrading a machine from Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition x64 to R2

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Yesterday while upgrading a Windows 2003 server for a user in our development centre I came across a very strange error. If this is down to my stupidity then so be it, but when I tried to upgrade one of our servers from Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition x64 to Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition x64 R2 by adding the R2 disc to the vm and running the upgrade the upgrade didn’t seem to work. This is a fairly simple upgrade and one I’ve done before. But once I ran the upgrade and restarted the box as is standard procedure the server was still the original OS prior to the upgrade. I tried again as I thought I missed something and watched it through the whole process and it all seemed to work correctly but when I looked at the system information it yet again was still the original OS.  What I found out after trying a whole bunch of different ideas is that once the upgrade process has “completed” and you have restarted ,you need to attach the second disc and finish the installation.


It seems windows doesn’t tell you(that I saw at any point) or ask you to do this so you have to know this is the process(like you will after reading this post) or have a lucky chance of trying the second disc like I did.

Hopefully this saves someone the time I ended up using in trying to get this upgrade completed.

Gregg Robertson



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